Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4lb. Hammer

Sunday July 15, 2012
Ride # 2 with the gang. 
Weather was great again, but the peloton looked angry and might be out for blood ! We decided on doing the medium ride (60 km or so) which would allow lots of time to pack up and organize our separate agendas on the apre's side.
No parades to gawk at, so we pulled out a couple 4 lb. hammers for an epic ride through farm roads, secondary arteries and the occasional Highway crossing. Thomas pulled out the Sponge Bob Square Pants music chip embedded birthday card that I gave him yesterday) For the 32000 time, ha ha.
Forty Foot Billy was hammering Barbie like a man possessed! (wait, that doesn't sound good. oh well) The Peloton was 4:30 ahead but after the last time check, it looks as though the gap was crumbling. Thomster-Monster was adding fire to the furnace by staying low, and if you zoom in, it looks as though a smile is finishing the construction of a face... a face of... EVIL.  
With his "Suitcase of Courage" torn open and empty as the hearts of those demon riders ahead, Billy surged yet again to grap hold of the Peloton's coat tails or perhaps more appropriately, Demon Tails.
That's the last we saw of the Demon Riders. Billy farted a level 9.6 Flatuloid (rare) which bounced off me as I was following up his rear (serves me right) The shockwave then created an updraft effectively pushing the Demon Peloton ahead. They slipped away from Billy's slight grasp and we continued on like soldiers without artillery. We kept the 4 lb hammers because we are proud riders and would never bail in the face of defeat. Or perhaps it's because we need to burn off that huge bacon, sausage, egg laden breakfast of monsters that we woofed down earlier.
It was a great ride and Thomas seemed to be OK with his surroundings. Other riders were expressing their thoughts with waves of approval or amazement as we motored past. Damn kids get all the attention. After the ride, we packed up and and said our good byes. Forty Foot Billy, Thomster Monster and Barbie shuffled back into the caravan for the drive back to North Vancouver. I decided to get a motel in town. This would serve as my starting point for my journey to the coast and back to North Vancouver next morning.
All in all, it was a good outing with my friend Kerry and his almost 3 year old son Thomas. Perhaps, however, too much driving and more sightseeing would be in order next time. (time permitting of coarse)
And if you wondering where Highwaycat was in all this, lets just say that she played it safe this weekend and was saving her energy for the Coast. She is looking forward to the Pacific and all that it has to offer. Farm roads are so last decade...
Billy Forty Foot and Thomster Monster close in on the Peloton Demon Riders. Note his skull geometry suggesting acknowledgement of my photographic strategy...

The Demon Riders win today. But the "Suitcase of Courage" (Phil Liggett) is now restocked for another day. Phil L. is a world renowned cyclist and announcer for The Tour De France
Lunch break at an old mill... We spent time here as it is a museum too. Thomster enjoyed crushing grain products.
Lunch break live music. This was good for all. Chickens as well.(not shown)

Billy hammers home

The team splits after a final pic, compliments of a stranger's car hood

Was a fine weekend, safe drive Marshalls !

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